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KDA 75 Anti-Static Bar

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This Anti-Static Bar, manufactured by PULS Electronic, can be used with many of our machines, in addition to your other anti-static needs.

Due to the higher-tech design used in this Anti-Static Bar, it is possible to more efficiently ease static problems, even in high-speed applications. This Anti-Static Bar does not need any calibration and can be cleaned and maintained easily. This simple, utilitarian design ends up meaning a longer-lasting Bar. It is designed to neutralize potentially destructive static charges during the manufacturing process. The Anti-Static Bar will help machines to perform hygienic, safe, and qualitative production.

The Anti-Static Bar works by separating the air molecules to positive and negative ions. This allows the bar to neutralize the material, thus eliminating the static. It attracts the oppositely-charged ions of any statically-charged product within range of the device. This prevents products from sticking to each other or to parts of machine. In addition, dust attraction and electrical dangers such as current striking, explosion, and fire can also be prevented.

The Anti-Static Bar can be installed in normally-restricted places as it is high voltage-resistant. Even if its emitter pins are touched, it will not affect, or be affected by, the electrical current.

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Further information, including technical specifications and technical drawings for this item, is located here.

Specs at a Glance
Min. Size: 4" (100mm)
Max. Size: 157" (4000mm)
Operating Voltage: 7.5 kV AC
Main Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
Max Operating Distance: 6" (150 mm)
Dimensions: 1x1.5" (25x37mm) Profile

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