About CSI-Parts

Welcome to CSI-Parts, a division of Converting Systems, Inc.

We provide new and replacement parts for many film-running machines in the plastics industry, including most models of Bag Machines, Winders, Coreless Winders, and Separators.

Rather than setting up a quote, our store provides prices in real time for instant ordering and same-day shipping.  At the CSI-Parts Online Store, we have been making replacing parts for your machines as quick, easy, and efficient as possible since 2009, and from Converting Systems itself since 1999.  We take pride in providing quality parts and service every time.

Our assembly shop is located in Schaumburg, IL and we offer fast and reliable shipping to customers in America and throughout the world.  We are just off of Golf Road, down the street from Woodfield Mall.

Many of our parts are compatible with various Gloucester machines, contact us to find out if a particular part is suitable for your machine.

Orders received after 1:00PM CST will ship the next day.

Disclaimer: "Gloucester" and "Gloucester Engineering" are registered trademarks of Gloucester Engineering Co., Inc.

Other manufacturers part numbers, drawing numbers, model numbers, etc., have been provided for cross-reference purposes only. We would not willfully post confidential information. If we have, simply contact us to have it removed.

Standard payment terms are available upon request.

Having trouble finding a specific part or manufacturer? Please call us at 847-519-0232 or email us by clicking here: parts@convertingsystems.com


Have a part you want replaced that we do not carry?  Send us the part itself and we will reproduce it and provide the first part to you for free!