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Here are a few of the more common ABB Drives we offer.  We use these drives on many of our machines, including the Bag Machines, Coreless Winder and Winders.

Please contact us if you would like to order any drive not priced or not listed here, or to find out which drives suit your machine.

If you would like custom panel or mounting options, contact us with the modifications before completing your order.

ACS150 480v

Type Code Horse Power
ACS150-03U-01A2-4 1/2
ACS150-03U-02A4-4 1
ACS150-03U-04A1-4 2
ACS150-03U-05A6-4 5

ACS355 240v

 Type Code Horse Power
ACS355-03U-07A5-2 2

ACS355 480v

 Type Code Horse Power
ACS355-03U-02A4-4 1
ACS355-03U-04A1-4 2
ACS355-03U-05A6-4 3

ACS550 480v (NEMA 1, UL Type 1)

 Type Code Horse Power
ACS550-U1-03A3-4 1
ACS550-U1-04A1-4 1-1/2
ACS550-U1-06A9-4 2

ACS800 480v

 Type Code Horse Power
ACS800-U1-0005-5+P901 3


3001 Winder

2 480v 1hp ACS150 (1 for each turret index, top and bottom)

1 480v 1-1/2hp ACS550 (Nip Drive)

4 480v 3hp ACS800 (2 for top spindle, 2 for bottom spindle)

Bag Machine

1 280v 2hp ACS355

1900 Single Turret Winder

1 480v 1hp ACS150

3 480v 2hp ACS355