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Blower-Driven Air-Boost Anti-Static Bar

Blower-Driven Air-Boost Anti-Static Bar

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The Blower-Driven Air-Boost Bar connects via an air fitting and is designed to neutralize the static charges which cause trouble at large distances. Due to the higher-tech design used in this Blower-Driven Air-Boost Bar, it is possible to more efficiently ease static problems, even in high-speed applications. It provides high performance and efficient ionization with fast discharging time. The Blower-Driven Air-Boost Bar separates air molecules to positive and negative ions by using the electric field, and then transports them in the direction of charged objects by the air apparatuses.

Any statically-charged product passed through the effective distance of the bar will attract the opposite charged ions and neutralize the material, thus eliminating the static. This prevents products from sticking to each other or to parts of machine. In addition, dust attraction and electrical dangers such as current striking, explosion, and fire can also be prevented. This Blower-Driven Air-Boost Bar does not need any calibration, and can be cleaned and maintained easily. This simple, utilitarian design ends up meaning a longer-lasting Bar. The Blower-Driven Air-Boost Bar will help machines to perform hygienic, safe, and qualitative production.

The Blower-Driven Air-Boost Bar can be installed in normally-restricted places as it is high voltage-resistant. Even if its emitter pins are touched, it will not affect, or be affected by, the electrical current.

Air passing through the blower must be clean and dry.

It can be ordered in different lengths to fit your machine.

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