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Cable (Rope) Pull Switch

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This Switch is used as a Safety trigger in many of our machines.  When the rope is crossed or pulled hard enough, power to the machine will be cut off, preventing any number of injuries from close proximity to a machine's running parts.  Alternatively, the Big Red Button may be pressed to the same effect.


1 per Machine

The Lifeline 4 cable/push button operated system can be installed along or around awkward machinery such as conveyors and provide a constant emergency stop access. The Lifeline 4 is the only device of its kind to incorporate the following features in one unit making it the most versatile cable switch on the market.

  • The positive mode mechanism ensures that the contacts are immediately latched open on actuation and can only be reset by the intentional action of turning the blue reset knob. The design also protects against nuisance tripping and the effects of thermal expansion.
  • A mushroom head emergency stop button is included on the unit to provide E-Stop access even at the extreme ends of the span.
  • The cable status indicator makes the system easy to set up and maintain for spans up to 125 meters.
  • Four sets of contacts are provided: 2 N.C. + 2 N.O., 3 N.C. + 1 N.O., or 4 N.C. contacts.
  • Sealed to IP 66 with rugged construction using die cast alloy and stainless steel to withstand harsh conditions.

Product Features:

  • Switches up to 125 meter span
  • Universal mounting and operation
  • Lid mounted emergency stop button, designed to conform to EN418
  • Switch lockout on cable pulled and cable slack
  • Cable status indicator on switch lid