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Electronic Bag Length Control

Electronic Bag Length Control

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Our Bag Length Control system is designed as a field-installed system upgrade for hydraulic Bag Machines. Its primary purpose is to eliminate the need for the draw length "variator" found on many alternative shuttle machines.

This package provides operators the ability to quickly and accurately set up these machines for production. The bag length is now changed at the very next cycle after data entry.

The simplicity of this package allows most customers the option of installing the system in-house, using their personnel.

This new system is a great way for customers to improve their existing hydraulic machines on a very reasonable budget.

Included in this controller is a 12-position hole punch controller, along with an alarm output for bag count.

As an option, an electronic registration system is available for registered print applications.

Please contact us to create an order for an Electronic Bag Length Control Package.

Model Specifications - Standard
Bag lengths: 10 - 100"

Skip Cycle: 0 - 99 (up to 9,900")

Dwell Time: up to 3 sec.

Hole Punching : up to 12 settings.

Counter: included

Alarm output : included

Registration Control: Optional