Illuminated Selector Switch (Amber)

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Illuminated Selector Switch (Amber)

Illuminated Selector Switch (Amber)

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CSI Part Number

Amber (W22ISAC-IHA-FM241-10-10)


Selector Switch Specification

  • Operator Type: Illuminated selector switch;
  • Illuminated Selector Switch Operator Function: 3 Position and Spring Return, Left, Right, to Center Function;
  • Handle Type: Illuminated Standard Handle;
  • Handle Insert Color: Amber;
  • Voltage: 24V AC/DC;
  • Lamp Type: Clear Incandescent;
  • Contact Block Configuration: Left and Right Side, 1 Normally Open Contact Block;
Product Features Include:
  • Rugged Lexan lenses provide better visibility and can resist high impact for reliable performance in most environments, even in high temperature ambients.
  • Polyester construction for superior corrosion resistance, moisture rejection and electrical insulation.
  • Modular contact blocks use #6 plated steel terminal screws with self-lifting captive wire clamps that accommodate #22 through #12 AWG wires (0.5-4mm) per terminal.
  • Operators conveniently mount in a round 22.5mm (7/8") hole that is directly interchangeable with competitors units and eliminate the labor for notching.
  • Operators are UL Listed and rated for Type 4/4X as standard for watertight and corrosion resistance. In addition, operators are also listed for Type 1, 2, 3, 3R, 12 and 13, and meet global standards requirements.