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NZK30 Ionizing Nozzle

NZK30 Ionizing Nozzle

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Static control nozzles are designed to neutralize high static charge in those industrial applications where anti -static bar cannot be mounted. Due to its ergonomic and light structure, nozzle is simple, soft and efficient in its use.

Static control nozzles provide effective ionization when the air molecules are separated to positive and negative ions. Due to principle of work the neutralization of material became possible. It attracts in effective range the opposite charged ions of any statically charged product. That hinders the sticking of products to each other or to parts of machine. In addition, such electrical dangers as current striking, explosion, fire and dust attraction will be also prevented.

Static control nozzles do not need any calibration and because of being simple in care enhances the quality, safety, hygiene of machine and provides its longer life. Static control nozzles are connected to high voltage resistively. Thereby its emitter pins even if they are touched will not affect by electrical current. Air passing trough static control nozzles must be clean and dry. Static control nozzles due to being ergonomic and lightweight supply soft and effective work.

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