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SF 156 Static Meter

SF 156 Static Meter

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This device can be used to measure static levels and show the ideal spot to place a static elimination device.

Diagnosing a static problem can be challenging without a proper tool to identify a static charge. A Static Meter such as this one can help you or your technician analyze potential static hazards on your machines. The Static Meter displays where and how the static current is generated, as well as its polarization and amplitude.

It is difficult to analyze and solve static issues without being able to measure the charge. So, utilizing a Static Meter such as this one would be a great decision for technical personnel.

The Static Meter shows amplitude and polarity of static electricity and where and how it was generated. It is quick to expose positive and negative loads up to 160,000 volts. If it turns out that there is indeed a static problem, the Static Meter will show the most appropriate position for a static eliminator.

Due to its accuracy, ease of use and convenient size, the PULS Static Meter is an ideal instrument for engineers, assemblers, mechanics and technicians.

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