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Teflon Tape & Curtain

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CSI Part Number

CSI-21-5S-18-3 (3"x18 yards)

CSI-21-5S-6"-18 (6"x18 yards)

CSI-21-5S-8"-18 (8"x18 yards)

CSI-52-3-18-30 (30"x18 yards) (Curtain)


This PTFE coated galss tape is used in the Platen assembly. It is adhesive-backed and should be applied directly to the platen, over the top of the rubber(s). These rolls are 3", 6" or 8" wide x 18 yards long and have .005" thick Teflon with a .002" thick adhesive.

The 30" roll is the Teflon Curtain used to cover the Seal Bars in the Bag Machine's Head Assembly.  It can be cut to any Seal Bar length.

Other thicknesses, widths, or lengths are available upon request.